Social distancing

Public health officials have called for nationwide shutdowns to slow the spread of COVID-19. But many Republican governors have been slow to act.
Singles are bored at home and social distancing because of COVID-19. Needless to say, it's wild out there on dating apps.
Wondering if you can safely have sex without spreading COVID-19? Here's what experts advise.
President Donald Trump said he wants businesses open by Easter. Medical professionals say otherwise.
“He’ll always put his name and face before his students and their general well-being," said an alum, who studied medicine.
The University of Chicago’s chief infectious disease epidemiologist Dr. Emily Landon delivered an earnest reality check on the significance of the coronavirus pandemic and the importance of social distancing.
Talking about COVID-19 with friends and family a lot? This advice will help if that's hurting your mental health.
Workers say they're being pushed to the brink, even as the company fails to protect them from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Worldwide, the death toll climbed past 21,000, according to a running count kept by Johns Hopkins University.
Steer clear of crowded areas where it's difficult to practice social distancing.
"Without taking drastic measures, the healthy and optimistic among us will doom the vulnerable,” said the University of Chicago's chief epidemiologist.
Hurting the economy "could be worse than losing a few more people," Paychex founder Tom Golisano told Bloomberg.
The "Lip Sync Battle" host's banana bread swap with comedian Chris Klemens adhered to coronavirus pandemic protocol.
Nearly 9 in 10 Americans say their lives have been affected at least a little, a HuffPost/YouGov poll finds.
Right-wing pundits are helping the president build his argument that restarting the economy is the only thing that matters right now.
From solo trips outdoors to group wine online, these activities will help boost positivity.
Trump said the media is "angry" and is trying to "inflame" the coronavirus crisis. Plenty of people on social media agree with him.
As more people are stuck at home and reality shows pause production, the search for love continues via our screens — and Instagram feeds.
"We’re taking it very seriously,” the media mogul said.
Brady Sluder of Ohio last week declared, "If I get corona, I get corona." Over the weekend, he vowed to “reflect and learn" from the backlash.