The Lincoln Project

“The coronavirus crisis has revealed, once again, that Donald Trump is dangerously unfit for office," the Lincoln Project co-founder said.
"It’s time someone held them accountable," said The Lincoln Project after launching its new anti-Trump campaign.
The Lincoln Project said it won't allow Trump to gaslight America.
Vindman "kept his oath," Trump "has not," says latest ad from The Lincoln Project.
A new song by an evangelical singer shames Christian supporters of President Donald Trump.
George Conway's Lincoln Project released a new ad that demands impartiality during Trump's Senate impeachment trial.
George Conway's Lincoln Project hits one of the Senate's most vulnerable Republicans.
An ad from the Lincoln Project, led by George Conway and other anti-Trump Republicans, is calling out evangelicals who support the president.
This president has to go, even if it means Democratic control of Congress, members of the new Lincoln Project wrote in a New York Times op-ed.