The Lincoln Project

The video features lots of cackling from the former Fox News host.
"The bigger lesson is that the Trumpfunk was all over them,” Rick Wilson quipped.
Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson said the threat was just like the former president: "impotent, flabby, and pathetic.”
The Republican anti-Trump group sent five people with tiki torches to a Charlottesville campaign stop by Virginia’s GOP candidate for governor.
"You're a grown-ass man," Steele addressed Jordan, who claims he can't recall when he spoke to Donald Trump Jan. 6. "Stop acting like a 10-year-old."
Toyota reversed course hours after the Lincoln Project released a damning video attacking the company for backing lawmakers who refused to certify the election.
Schmidt, who reveals he was molested as a boy, says he's "incandescently angry" at co-founder John Weaver, who is accused of sexual harassment.
John Weaver, another co-founder, has been accused of sexual misconduct. Citing victims, Horn said some in the group had long known about the claims.
Harassment allegations and spending revelations raise significant questions about the management of one of the highest-profile antagonists of Trump.
Republican campaign adviser John Weaver tried to exploit his position for sexual favors, according to the New York Times report.