Isn't it strange that it's second nature to pose yourself and monitor your body every couple of seconds as if you were meant to be a nice object to be looked at approvingly? I've only fairly recently found that these things aren't and shouldn't be second nature.
Now, Lyonnais only runs when she wants to run. As for all of those numbers? They're still there, but they don't dominate
Richman has since apologized at least twice. In another, he told a poster to "grab a razor blade and draw a bath. I doubt
By tenuous virtue of embracing "health," "fitspiration" is slightly elevated from the more insidious "thinspiration." While
The thinspiration movement won't be done away with by blocking the #thinspo hashtag, and the resilience of pro-ana websites proves that. So, if Insta-bans won't work, what can we do?
When asked if Shelby frequented pro-ana and pro-mia sites -- those hosting thinspo content -- Benn said she wasn't sure. “We
17-year-old blogger Paige Padilla attempts to straddle the line between inspiring young women to lose weight without feeding into anorexia. It's a big challenge to maintain a healthy body image, online and off. Guest Torri Singer shares her story.
Eating disorders are not lifestyle choices, they are mental disorders that if left untreated can cause serious health problems
"Guys are doing this too, by the way," Greffe said, in regard to thinspo. "They have their own fetishes and obsessions about