In a powerful essay for Time, the tennis superstar discussed lessons she learned after being open about exercising self-care.
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“I’m like, ‘Wow!’ It was just crazy,” Anthony Dowe said about the bizarre sequence of events.
"The only clue the casual viewer would have that this deceptive deep fake is not real is that it's obviously a drawing," one Twitter user quipped to Harris Faulkner.
Biden looks out of a trashed Oval Office's window in artist Tim O’Brien's latest front page illustration for the magazine.
“I really hope this cover is a wake-up call for those who are numbed to this catastrophe," said artist John Mavroudis.
The president can't even wear a face mask properly on the magazine's latest front page.
Being stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic has distorted our sense of time. Here's how to make life feel a little more normal.
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5:06 p.m. ET Is your name Attorney General William Barr? No? The Mueller report is not now. — Greg Veis 4:55 p.m. ET Mother
The duo hurl tweets and subpoenas on the magazine's latest front page.
“It’s sort of this President that you’re always trying to contain, like a wildfire that’s moving from one place to the other at all times,” said the artist.