train station

A Russian missile hit a crowded train station in eastern Ukraine, killing dozens of civilians and wounding over 100.
The 18-year-old was stabbed to death at a BART station in Oakland, California, last summer.
Felix also now has a name badge and is rewarded in kitty treats.
Proof that music really is a universal language.
Hundreds have signed a petition to change Canterbury West's name.
From the air, the Midwest looks like a checkerboard, with squares of cornfields, pastures, and farms spread across a perfectly flat landscape. But from the ground, it can be an outside-the-box experience.
there's more to some railway stations than mere transportation. Many train stations are works of art in and of themselves, featuring breath-taking architecture and designs features that make them really stand out. Here are the top 10 eye-catching train stations from around the world.