uhuru kenyatta

Around 50 people have been killed, mostly by security forces, since the original Aug. 8 vote.
A new election must be held within 60 days.
Elections in Rwanda and Kenya yield mixed results. In South Africa, cronyism wins the day.
The opposition has rejected the election result, claiming the process was undermined by fraud.
The suspicion of election misconduct is partly rooted in problematic electoral history.
The country's president took an early lead in Tuesday’s national elections.
New media has created a battlefield that could alter the course of politics in the country.
With passionate support beyond his ethnic base, opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga has the strength to truly reform Kenya.
“The over 1 million squatters who got title deeds for a patch of land for the 1st time in their lives...they have plenty
One would be hard-pressed to argue that women took "their rightful place" in developing Kenya given Gov. Kidero's assault
Also overlooked by the so-called "good man" who is unfortunately surrounded by "bad people" is that it took him a lifetime
Given the rhetoric (of denial) by folks such as Sophie Wanuna who incredibly proclaim that none of the anti-IEBC protestors
Like the two sides vying for the American and Kenyan presidencies, Sam and I, remained stubbornly locked in our own set of facts and parallel worlds, speaking past one another!
The foregoing trend remains true to this day although the ferociousness has abated some thanks to multi-party governance
"Our hope is that the government, the transition government will seize the bull by the horns here and get the job done."