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J.R. Claeys (R - District 69 - Salina) jrclaeys@house.ks.gov 785 296-7670 Chairman - Marvin Kleeb (R - District 48 - Overland
VIEW: Ovide Lamontagne and Mitt Romney The pieces will land in mailboxes in Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, New
It might seem that the measure doesn’t stand a chance given all the money being funneled against it and given the fact that
“I feel sometimes that there’s this sense that people are poor because they want to be, or they’re working-class because
It would be better for the Democratic Party to face the issue of public sector reform in the manner that Cuomo has, rather than play the defensive game it did in Wisconsin.
"The Super PAC is a key component of the AFL-CIO’s move toward mobilizing working people in communities year round around
The comments from the AFL-CIO chief provide a detailed outline of the vision he has in store for a tinkered -- but still
"America’s real deficit is a moral deficit -- where political choices come down to forcing foster children to wear hand-me
"There is generally a realignment after each SEIU convention, where the member delegates vote on the program of the union
I like the idea of Tom Geoghegan's candidacy because I think Obama's conciliatory, centrist instincts require thoughtful pushes and prods and reminders from principled guys.