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Much like our friends in Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana, we are facing the same basic strategy from our opposition Chairman
"We know things are bad," reads an AFL-CIO mailer targeting House races. "We just can't let them get worse." VIEW: Ovide
"If it passes, it will be a political earthquake," Gerston said. It might seem that the measure doesn’t stand a chance given
When asked if he thought the AFL-CIO was spending too many of its resources on electing politicians and not enough on encouraging
It would be better for the Democratic Party to face the issue of public sector reform in the manner that Cuomo has, rather than play the defensive game it did in Wisconsin.
This past summer, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka began outfitting his political operation with a super PAC for the purposes
Trumka remains an administration ally who will, it appears, be in the president's corner during the reelection campaign. "But
"America’s real deficit is a moral deficit -- where political choices come down to forcing foster children to wear hand-me
One of the nation's most influential unions is making preparations for staff cuts and rearrangements in an effort to meet