United States Secretary of State

A spokesperson gave an awkward reply when asked why Blinken showed up to Henry Kissinger's birthday blowout.
The book, “State of Terror,” concerns a “novice” secretary of state who tries to solve a wave of terrorist attacks while working in the administration of a rival politician.
“There is no doubt that our ability to wave the banner of democracy and human rights to some extent has been tarnished by recent events," Antony Blinken said.
"What’s made us different is our willingness, our ability to confront these challenges with full transparency," the secretary of state said.
A lifelong Republican, Shultz held three major Cabinet positions in GOP administrations during a lengthy career of public service.
The Senate voted 78-22 to approve Blinken.
European diplomats have essentially shunned the U.S. secretary of state.
The secretary of state really loves the hashtag #swagger. But does he actually know what it means?
The secretary of state is expected to address national security threats posed by China in an address to Georgia Tech on Wednesday.
In a moving speech, the secretary of state designate explained how his Jewish family came to view the U.S. as “the last best hope on earth.”