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The Trump administration is planning to send more militarized federal officers into U.S. cities.
Transatlantic flights can be expensive, but you can get a taste of European culture in America.
Chicago is "a city seemingly overrun by rodents."
Find out where all the cool kids are going this summer.
But 44% of deaths occur before age 75, and 13% of them are caused by accidents, suicides, and homicides - three things which
Portland shows that climate actions have reduced the cost of doing business and created more-equitable, healthier, and livable neighborhoods.
Alcohol poisoning and alcohol-related liver diseases are major contributors to the recently identified spike in mortality
We need to unleash the power of nature to help make cities more resilient, livable and ultimately flourishing so both nature and people can thrive.
I moved to the U.S. from Toronto, Canada a bit over two years ago. As someone who bounces back and forth between entertainment journalism and TV writing, there were really only two options I could consider, residence-wise.
See the rest of The Best Halloween Cities in America on CNTraveler.com 2. New York City New Yorkers err on the quirky when