“Bobby is an outlier in the Kennedy family,” his brother, sister and niece write in an op-ed that accuses him of spreading "dangerous misinformation."
Measles cases have surged to the second-highest number reported in the U.S. in 25 years.
Conspiracy theorists are assumed to be paranoid outliers, but in reality, believing in conspiracy theories is pretty mainstream.
Paradoxically, as historian Elena Conis notes, the public's lack of anxiety with regard to measles was at least in part due
5. Be vigilant. It's not necessary to be on high alert every time you visit the dog park, but it IS important to be observant
This is National Influenza Vaccination Week, so I'm planning to get my flu shot on Wednesday morning.
The three most important things to remember are: First, the flu vaccine is safe; second, getting vaccinated can save your life or someone else's; and finally, don't wait until November or December -- get vaccinated now.
In any setting, funding the supply and delivery of vaccines is a proven way to save lives. And with millions of children on the move, the stakes could not be higher.
Progress in public health sometimes feels slow, but the recent announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO) that India
Because October officially marks the beginning of flu season, the month of September is a critical time for all to get immunized against pneumonia and flu. This is an opportunity to bring attention to the need for persons of all ages, but especially older adults, to get these necessary vaccines.