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The American women's team won their third straight Olympics on Saturday, and Johnson was a big part of the reason.
Watch the TV-watching pet appear to mimic a goal in the Americans' match against Italy.
Four Olympians have been moved into medical isolation.
This transition from full-time athlete to N.A.R.P (non-athletic regular person) has forced me to learn a lot about myself, free from definition, as well as the way others perceive non-athletes on campus.
A bull shark emptied Australia's Bondi Beach of people for nearly two hours on Friday, and had its 15 minutes of fame. But by Saturday, it had all but been forgotten in favor of a different breed of shark.
I worked all day homeschooling my kid and I worked all evening muscling deadbeat fee payers. Alice's positive learning experience was making me very negative.
Winning is an amazing feeling at the Olympics. It makes you feel like you have justified your time during the last four years, that you're right where you are suppose to be. It makes you feel powerful and untouchable knowing that you can top the best in the world. It is just plain great.
By now, you've likely heard of teen swimming phenom Missy Franklin and the all-teen women's gymnastics team. While swimming
The 2012 Olympic Games begin with Friday's opening ceremony and saying California will be well-represented is an understatement