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Wedding songs for the groom and his mom that haven't been done to death.
For brides and grooms looking for something different.
The story behind the song choice is even sweeter.
New bride Colleen can be seen heading to the dance floor, where she is joined by her eight bridesmaids. While Colleen's new husband and everyone else at the wedding looked on in complete surprise, these lovely ladies took them on a trip through the decades.
Credit: Inbal More Photography Malhotra, who speaks Hindi, provided this translation of the song's lyrics via
In a video posted to YouTube last month, Jordan and one of his groomsmen start to play Pachelbel's "Canon" as Andrea enters
Thirteen years ago, back in the good old days of Britney and boy bands, my husband and I went on our first date: the Homecoming Dance. As if J.C. and J.T. couldn't have written it any better themselves, that first slow dance would become our relationship anthem for over a decade.
Click through the slideshow below to see which inappropriate wedding songs the Twitterverse ruled out, and let us know: Which
While father-daughter dance songs may get all of the hype and attention in the wedding world, that doesn't mean an equally