women's shelters

Watch the Huffington Post's visit to Laura's Home, a shelter in Cleveland for homeless women and kids.
Last night I taught yoga at the women's shelter. They always thank me profusely for coming, as though I am the one doing the favor, as though I am the one doing the giving. Last night I was given a card signed by the staff, and chocolates.
What Faheema, 21, had done was to run away from her home in eastern Afghanistan with the man she loved. She left behind her
According to Metro-wide Engagement for Shelter and Housing, for just one night, it costs $32 for an adult and $125 for a minor to be in a shelter. On any given night, 600,000 Americans experience homelessness, of which 138,000 are children. But who ends up in these shelters?
Christian Grey may lure millions of moviegoers into theaters on Valentine's Day, but not everyone's a fan of the fictional
Amanda Brugel is not only amazing on the new TV series Seed, as the super funny, and gorgeous Michelle Jones, she's also raised up a fierce army of women out of the depths of cyberspace. All with one purpose in mind -- helping women and kids have better lives.
"I was teaching yoga at the Boulder County jail. One of the women, Tracy, was in my program for nine months. Upon her release, she looked me up. She told me she wanted to become a yoga teacher. Now she's in charge of the jail program, and is creating a transition program for inmates"
Waterford's Natalie Anderson, 15, wasn't abused as a child. She has two loving parents, two siblings and probably never came
In the United States, a child drops out of high-school every 26 seconds. Every year, we are producing cities the size of San Diego (1.3 million) full of students that don't even have a high
The words 'I have enough' will always ring strongly in the ears of Sharon Reilly, executive director of the Women's Lunch