Pope Benedict

The question of whether to allow priests to be married has dominated debate in the Catholic Church for months.
Retired Pope Benedict XVI's intervention is extraordinary, given he had promised to remain “hidden from the world” when he retired in 2013.
Academy Award hopeful "The Two Popes" debuted.
Despite restrictions imposed by the Vatican, Theodore McCarrick was allowed to rise in the ranks and play prominent diplomatic roles under Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.
The retired pope published an essay pointing to the sexual revolution and flawed church laws as reasons for the Catholic church's abuse scandal.
The pope publicly confirmed that some priests have subjected nuns to "sexual slavery," and pledged to take action.
Faced with the worst scandal of his papacy, Pope Francis is planning a summit to discuss child sex abuse prevention.
Here's how Pope Francis and U.S. Catholic leaders have responded to allegations swirling around ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.
Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano claims that he told the pope about ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in 2013.
More than 2,300 immigrant children have been separated from their parents in the last month.