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animal cruelty

Rick Kirkham alleges some shocking behaviour that the hit Netflix documentary series didn't cover.
Her Maj will only wear faux fur in future. But how many new clothes does a 93-year-old royal actually buy?
The 6-year-old dog was found by police tied up with no food or water in sight. Its former owners have been charged with ill treatment of animals.
The dogs were tied to heavy chains that the sheriff compared to “logging chains.”
“It was like walking through hell,” an animal advocate said.
Many are calling for 22-year-old Dylan Caboche to be banned from racing for life.
The confectionery company has also been accused of links to animal cruelty.
A witness said that the four-wheel-drive travelled with the dog for "well over an hour and a half".
UPDATE: Aug. 26 ― The Guggenheim will not be showing the three animal-related works that have sparked protests, the museum
Capt. Jordan Smith did not expect to be pulling a cat out of his fishing net last week. Smith, who owns Florida’s Let’s Fish
A graphic video that shows a bull careening into a wooden post and killing itself after its horns were set ablaze at a recent
The animals were crammed into tiny, tightly-packed cages before their release.
If you've eaten meat on a Bali beach, you may have eaten dog.
It has been reported that Fandino stumbled after tripping on a cape used in a turn to engage and distract the bull. The animal
Angry investors pushed the animal to its death in a "fit of rage".
Luna, a four-year-old labrador, was stabbed in a Perth park on Wednesday night.
The iconic Aussie creatures were decapitated by cruel and heartless people.
Dogs and cats are still popular menu items in China, Vietnam and Korea.