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break ups

Social distancing is yielding some weird results.
Things can get ugly if you don't set expectations before making the move — and a lawyer helps.
It can be really, REALLY hard to quit your ex's Instagram.
We're not crying, you're not crying, but these former couples might just be.
It's not the most wonderful time of the year for everyone.
"Generally, we don't want to hurt our partners and we care about what they want."
Good news ahead of cuffing season needs.
Becoming less susceptible to emotional triggering, especially by a bully, is possible and desirable.
They were engaged for four of the five months they were together.
Respect will get you everywhere.
Emotional support is the best gift of all.
You might be a bit of a psychopath.
No matter how independent, self-reliant, and strong we are, sometimes there's a part of us that wants to self-destruct. Usually, after a traumatic experience, when we feel especially vulnerable, scared, and alone. And after the devastating breakup with my fiancé and boyfriend/best friend of nine years, I self-destructed in a big way.
Being single on Valentine's Day can be rough stuff. Since this is the time of year when the world conspires to tell you that there is something wrong with you if you are not happily paired, it may be tough to keep your spirits high. If you find yourself less-than-happily single, here are ten ways you can make Valentine's Day a little better this year, from someone who knows what she's talking about.
#2: Do not pour your heart out online.
While breaking up is hard to do you know when things just aren't working out anymore. People who've experienced a sudden breakup during the holidays for example always assume the break up wasn't planned, and therefore begin to question whether the breakup was caused by some recent event caused by something they did or said.
We firmly believe it's possible to find love again after experiencing a major heartbreak, but be forewarned: "possible" doesn't mean "easy." The first obstacle to surmount is fear. This is the most critical roadblock to moving forward and finding love again. Fear is often so dominant that it can crush any new budding relationship before it takes bloom.
It's real and raw, and you're going to need tissues.
In this era of being super-connected through our technology, the most shocking thing we can do today is to totally disconnect from another person. It's impossible to know why Charlize chose ghosting as her way of dealing with Sean, or even if that's actually what she did, but it makes me think about the whole idea of making a clean break from someone in a world that's all about connectivity.