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canadian actors

As Pacey, he stole hearts. As Dr. Death, he'll be stopping them.
Her Moira-isms are legendary.
The 10 and 3 looked at box office earnings for films in which Canuck stars were the leads.
Bring on the Mountie hats and beer references.
A big difference between casting in American and Canadian productions is this: when a Hollywood production casts a Canadian it's in spite of the fact that the actor is Canadian. Yet often when Canadian productions import American actors, they do so because the filmmakers were told they had to have an American lead.
Adams shot several of his photos in what looks like puzzle pieces -- tiny sequential photographs that he pieced together to create a sense of the grandeur and size of nature in the community where his sister and his nephew made their home. One of Adams' photos focuses on totem pole creation, a Native art that is found all over British Columbia.