The series, streaming on MX Player, is critical of majoritarian Hindutva politics but its preachiness blocks out any hope of nuance.
Contrary to popular opinion, Mani Ratnam's ideology seems to have more similarities with the Hindutva politics of RSS, BJP and other right-wing organisations of the Sangh Parivar than anything else.
Political watchers have dismissed Raj Thackeray’s sudden love for saffron as a political act. But this also being Maharashtra politics, the real question is, “For whose benefit?”
Season 2 is as instructive as it is enjoyable, a timely drama that critiques blind devotion to kurta-wearing men who spew poisonous rhetoric under the garb of spiritual nourishment.
With the abrogation of Kashmir's special status, social media also saw a surge in posts asserting Hindutva supremacy.
The author of Holy Science: The Biopolitics of Hindutva explains how a term first coined by Michel Foucault helps us understand Hindu nationalism in India.
This “Ram bhakt” also makes misogynistic and raunchy music videos.
The man was arrested earlier for attacking theatres screening Padmaavat.
The enterprising beef lovers have hacked the website even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his new cabinet are being sworn in.
Rajya Sabha lawmaker said that people had "risen" above caste in the 2019 Lok Sabha election, and "forgiven" the Modi government's poor economic performance.