Alanea Kowalski

Coaching for Leadership, Life and Excellence, Talent Management, and High Performing Teams.

WHAT I DO I help successful entrepreneurs, executives, authors, media personalities and leaders reach the next levels of their success journey. Through my crossroads coaching and consulting approach, honed over 25 years of working with global clients, we answer the question "what will you create now?" WHY IT MATTERS: Successful people are often alone at the top of their profession. Sometimes they don't know what else there is to accomplish. My coaching takes you to the next level through my ability to truly hear you, to understand what you're not saying, and to disrupt your status quo. I'm going to question the story you are telling yourself and me. In coaching it's ALL ABOUT YOU. As your coach I'm committed to your success. WHAT OTHERS SAY: "The genius of Alanea’s coaching style is the beauty that, in the end, you actually believe you are the brilliant one, having self-discovered strategies to address emerging issues, or opportunities to avoid certain obstacles. Would all coaches be so quietly effective, subtly inspirational, boldly empowering." CEO Health Care "Working with Alanea is very much akin to learning to navigate by the stars. It means looking up to find my true direction in life. Alanea helped me by bringing my focus to my “True North” time and time again. Within the safe environment of Alanea’s honest, respectful professionalism, I found a sanctuary wherein I could honour my own deepest goals. J.G. Author "Alanea is an insightful, motivated and enthusiastic individual. She is more than just an astute businessperson; she is a strategic thinker, a deep listener and a very effective coach. This experience has given me the confidence, inspiration and courage to step easily into my new role." Retail Executive You Can Find Me On: Huff Post, Alaneak (Twitter) and

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