Ana McGinley

Australian Social Worker with 15 years experience in working with older adults. Writer focussing on issues interesting expats.

Ana McGinley is an Australian living in the Netherlands. She works as a freelance writer for English-language online and print publications – and is the Review Coordinator for Summertime Publishing. The portfolio of published work can be found at

Ana has a Masters of Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts. Her professional experience attained over 15years, focused on the health and welfare of older adults. Ana has worked in hospitals, community health services, legal tribunals, memory clinics, and for the Alzheimer Association. She received funding to complete a research project analyzing differences in residential and community care services for people with dementia in five different countries; taught a course on human development to Singaporean university students; and consulted with Dutch architectural students on dementia projects.

Over the past 18 years Ana has lived on five continents – fulfilling a love of being immersed in unknown lands, languages and cultures. Her luggage includes four precious children and the same patient husband. She is writing a book about caring for aging parents aimed at expats who live abroad. Ana continues to blog about her experiences working with people with dementia: .

From January 10, 2016 - Ana's new book Parental Guidance: Long Distance Care for Aging Parentswill be available on Amazon in both print and digital version.

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