Ashley Massis

Writer. ;Co-Founder of Known to have a soft spot for charities, adventures, and the occasional cocktail or two.

Originally from Binghamton, New York, Ashley Massis is small town girl who moved to the Big Apple and took a chance. After finding heartbreak in love and in her career, she picked up everything she knew and never looked back. Her blog, Small Town Girl and the Big City is her experiences, wisdom, and anecdotes about being a twentysomething and of what she’s learned so far.

She worked in fashion for 6 years and as the New York City Editor of the online “Where Charity Meets Style” Magazine, Ask Miss A and eventually her own site, NYSocialStatus. She is a regular writer for Elite Daily and, and has been featured on other sites including Guest of a Guest and the New York City Food Truck Association.

After moving from New York City, she currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she founded Queen City Social and is writing her first book.

And yes, she always finds time to drink wine.