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I am Steve Owen and I am a worker in the fields of building. 5 years ago, my left foot was damaged because two bricks fell down and hit my left foot. It was swelling and seemed to be numb for over 6 months. I had the intention to give up this work but I needed to earn a living. Therefore, I chose to continue but with a safer way. I came to the store to buy shoes to protect my feet and now I am still safe. Therefore, you can see that it is extremely important to wear a good pair of shoes when working. In many industries, the workers have to be faced with so many dangers that they are always working with fear. Therefore, if you are the boss, you should ensure the safe working environment for your workers. Or if you work at home, you ought to choose to buy the best suitable shoes for your work. I hope that with the tips above, you will be able to keep safety for your feet.