Iris Ruth Pastor

Motivational speaker, consultant, author, blogger

I'm 5'2" - the truth I weigh 115 lbs. - a lie I am an aging baby boomer, author, speaker and story teller. For the past 28 years, I!ve written a slice-of-life column Entitled "Incidentally, Iris." In between the unremitting rigors of raising 5 sons, I hosted a radio program, wrote two books, And became the editor of my hometown Jewish newspaper. I entered the social media age kicking, bitching and screaming in order to foster connection and offer tidbits of authenticity to uplift and inspire myself as well as others. And I speak to audiences all over the country about "Preserving Your Bloom." While doing so, I try not to be judgmental, cloying hypocritical, whiney, snippy, and overwhelmed. Sometimes I even manage to carry it off.,