Jeanne M. Stafford

Mother, professional speaker and comedic improviser

Jeanne M. Stafford is a mother, professional speaker and comedic improviser. She brings her love for improv to her work training people to think like an improviser and communicate without a script.

From 15 years as a political and non-profit fundraiser with local, national and international clients, Stafford learned “on the job” what works in communication and what doesn’t.

She is the host of Jeanne Stafford’s Networking Dinner in New York City where she presents other speakers and facilitates conversations to give her guests tools to become more successful communicators.

Jeanne serves on several boards in the arts and education.

Jeanne brings her accrued wisdom to each Keynote, workshop and communications training session to help individuals and teams discover their inner YES and empower them to possibility. Her goal is to have a room full of people leave stronger, lighter and more powerful than when she found it.