Patt Cottingham

Brand communication strategist

Patt Cottingham has been working as a brand communication strategist
for the past ten years. With a background in advertising on the creative
side Patt knows how to strip brand messages down to core thoughts and
deliver them in simple, yet powerful words and images. Her brand motto is
"Every thing communicates and communication is everything."

In her branding work she looks to create behaviors and practices that make for more globally conscious and sustainable brands.

Her brand papers featured on have gotten international
responses and have been published in countries such as Stockholm, Sweden,
Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam, Moscow, Russia, Jerusalem, Israel and
Cape Town, South Africa, Montreal, Canada, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Her websites are and

Having a gut instinct about what behaviors and models will no longer work
in the 21st Century she has created the concept of saying goodbye to the old
paradigms and saying hello to new, more innovative and sustainable practices.

Patt Cottingham/USA