Sarah Vaynerman

Founder of Work From Om®, the NYC-based wellness company bringing yoga, meditation and mindfulness to your workplace and corporate events.

Sarah Vaynerman is a certified yoga teacher and the founder and CEO of Work From Om®, the New York City wellness company that brings yoga, meditation and mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques to the workplace. Sarah spent nearly a decade in marketing communications, leading brand engagement initiatives for fast-growing companies through digital strategy and events, first within the tech and finance industries and eventually with her own consulting practice in 2011. While practicing yoga and meditation throughout these years, Sarah began to apply their techniques and philosophies to her professional life and quickly noticed improvement in her productivity, creativity, decision-making and overall performance. The results and realization inspired Sarah to complete her yoga teacher training and launch Work From Om® with a mission to deliver the same benefits to busy professionals one company at a time. With a firm conviction that healthy employees are generally happier, more productive and more likely to contribute to a successful collaborative environment, Work From Om® has helped dozens of companies in the NYC area with research-backed wellness programs designed to reduce stress, improve engagement and teamwork, lower absenteeism and increase employee-retention at the organization level.