Terra Bohlmann

Jet-setting business strategist who helps entrepreneurs make more money in their business doing what they love

Terra Bohlmann is a jet-setting business strategist who teaches industry experts how to maximize their profitability. Terra inspires her clients to get to work on their why and create a business that matters. She is skilled at problem solving and has a natural ability to take businesses to the next level. She not only helps create the business map but also acts as the GPS to get her clients where they want to be.

As a former consultant to multi-million dollar companies, Terra believes entrepreneurs should work smarter, not harder. Her service to the world is help women make more money doing what they love without sacrificing their personal life.

Terra is committed to helping entrepreneurs grow their business through making meaningful connections with others. She makes this happen by creating useful information products and teaching business skills to increase their success. You can learn more about Terra’s adventures in business, travel, and life on her website,

Her best business advice is to give back to the world in ways that are meaningful to yourself and your business. To feel better and get more out of your own business, make a micro-loan to someone that you feel a connection to on

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