Leslie Blanchard

A Ginger Snapped

Leslie tattles on her family life quite publicly in her essays about the insane and mundane of their lives. Some funny, some heartbreakingly serious; but every syllable straight from the heart of a mother of 5, who has lived all over the world and been married for 32 years to the boy she met when she was 17. Her family rues the day she acquired her iPad, as she now lies in the tub neglecting her considerable responsibilities while she muses about marriage, motherhood, friendship and other matters of life outside the bubbles. She has been featured on BonBon Break, TentoTwenty Parenting, Mid-Life Boulevard, BlogHer, Your Teen Magazine and Scary Mommy. She is epecially proud to have been featured on The Huffington Post in the United Staes, as well as France, Japan Spain and Germany, as she realizes it may be the only way she travels abroad. For marriage and parenting tips "the experts" aren't dispensing for fear of getting sued: