Sean Combs

The rapper-turned-media mogul bewildered the "Late Late Show" host during his "Carpool Karaoke" appearance.
The media mogul unexpectedly revealed just how pricey it was to sample the song for "I'll Be Missing You" without Sting's permission.
"We have to unify our power and resources to create real change," Combs wrote on Instagram.
The Grammy-winning rapper welcomed his seventh child, Love Sean Combs, in October.
The hip-hop mogul made the surprise announcement about his family's new addition, Love Sean Combs, on Twitter.
"You can’t tell me Diddy didn’t just earn a legit audition to be the next Joker," one person wrote.
The music mogul took home this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award but forgot one crucial thing.
The rapper appeared onstage for an unexpected tribute to Sean "Diddy" Combs that happened to mention ex-wife Kim Kardashian.
In an instantly iconic move, Sean Love Combs posted a Throwback Thursday pic of himself and ex-girlfriend Lopez.
“The same feet these companies use to stand with us in solidarity are the same feet they use to stand on our necks," the media mogul wrote.