Tribeca Film Festival

There was a surprising lack of must-sees at a festival rooted in a heartland of creativity: New York City.
HBO's “Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed” presents the late actor as a cultural catalyst who enjoyed a "randy gay sex life" behind the scenes.
Toni Collette describes what film kickstarted her career.
PopEater chats with Jack and Ozzy Osbourne about the Tribeca film, God Bless Ozzy.
Even as the pandemic rages on, the event steadfastly highlighted impressive movies across genres, languages and formats that attendees — both virtual and in-person — could enjoy.
With "Sweater," writer, director and actor Nick Borenstein aimed to remind audiences that "dancing makes everything better."
The Renaissance launched The Queen Collective to help women in film get their projects funded, made and distributed.
The acting legend says this idea "would make us all really happy."
"He entertained but also inspired a generation of audiences," festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal said in a statement.
Erin Lee Carr's "At The Heart Of Gold" centers survivors instead of the disgraced former USA Gymnastics team doctor.