If Women's Beauty Standards Were As Lax As Men's

Proof how much easier guys have it.

 When it comes to meeting beauty standards, women have to juggle more daily rituals than most men could even name.

Sure, there are requirements for basic put-togetherness both genders face. Men can't, for example, just walk around smelling gross in rumpled, hole-ridden clothes without at least minor social consequences. But society's image of an "average man" is still what the majority look like after taking a quick shower and putting on a clean shirt. (Often , the same one in different colors everyday).

But for women, meeting even the minimum standards for looking decent on a daily basis is a whole different situation -- because society's image of an "average woman" is far from what most women look like naturally. (We did not, in fact, wake up like this.)

So, we decided to explore what a makeup tutorial might look like if that gap were closed. Gone are the pricey exfoliators, Bebe creams, and hair products that cost a quarter of your salary. 

Can you imagine what you would do with all the extra time and money you'd have if you axed your regular beauty routine? 

When you're done watching, check out our companion Honest Makeup Tutorial, which shows just how much bullsh*t women have to go through to ensure their faces invite basic respect.

So, ladies, are we feeling equal yet? 

Video written and directed by Lily Karlin and Paul Gale.

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