beauty standards

"Much of the show’s commentary centered on beauty. I realized that little has changed since I stopped cheering in 2006."
The actor revealed on Instagram that she's never had Botox, but that she had been "thinking maybe it’s time" when a commenter told her it was "not needed."
I had to maintain my sanity in an industry that constantly critiqued my body, my age, and my 5-foot-5-inch frame.
The relaunched line features new patterns and old beauty standards.
"I used to use Scotch tape to make my eyes bigger. Then I said, ‘Hey, this is your face. This is how you look.’"
I wish people could recognize how remarkable they are. I wish they could embrace their flaws and realize that is the stuff
The actress talked about the unfair burden placed upon women.
A photographer traveled the world to ask women how they define "beautiful."
Models like Winnie Harlow, Souffrant Ralph and Shaun Ross are changing the face of fashion by embracing what makes them different.