10 Things I Learned from Screening MMXXL

I screened Magic Mike XXL (MMXXL) and then watched the original from 2012, Magic Mike. Here are 10 things I learned:

1. There is a spiritual element, in the movie one of the characters is a healer and the "law of attraction" is mentioned.

2. Michael Strahan has a great body and is great in a cameo appearance.

3. Alex Rodriguez has a great body and the mark of a great actor is his ability to do comedy, especially when reprising a role.

4. The roles of women including that of Jada Pinkett Smith had some reviewers questioning as to whether this was a feminist movie.

5. Clitoria Labia is a great drag name.

6. I had know idea that white people use the term "ashy" and eat red velvet cake.

7. They are "male entertainers" not stippers.

8. Andie McDowell's character is superb as the "glass slipper" for Big Dick.

9. Magic Mike's god is a woman.

10. Channing Tatum is superb in the tittle role aka "white chocolate", and as producer.

Peace, love, compassion and blessings.