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15 Dirtiest Cities in the World

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Pollution is one of the most dangerous issues plaguing the world today. Water pollution causes a decline of safe drinking water. Air pollution leads to health risks and damages the ecosystem. Noise pollution causes harm to the environment and frightens animals, and soil pollution can lead to water contamination which can eventually cause serious health hazards.

Dirtiest Cities in the World

African cities are some of the dirtiest cities in the world. "In Africa, 115 people die every hour from diseases linked to poor sanitation, poor hygiene and contaminated water (Water Without Borders)."
Water is essential for life, but when you are living in a city with poor water quality you are risking the chance for a water-borne disease. Some of these diseases include Adenovirus infection and Legionellosis.

Poor air quality is a problem among almost all of the dirtiest cities in the world. According to, "Polluted air is linked to a variety of health concerns, ranging from short-term irritation to serious diseases or even death. Much of the pollution affecting our air comes from human activities. It is a result of manufacturing, transportation and a dependence on fossil fuels like gas and coal. Exposure to pollutants like smog, sulfates, nitrates and carbon can have a significant impact on both human health and the health of the earth."

Choose your destination wisely and be careful when visiting the 15 Dirtiest Cities in the World.

- Nicole DosSantos, The Active Times