Now You Can Wipe Your Butt With The Candidate You Hate The Most

Besides the TP, there's all sorts of other election crap, too.

Regardless of whether you support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, one thing is certain: Someone wants to make a buck off you this election season.

Whenever a presidential campaign is in full swing, businesses and entrepreneurs come swarming around, hoping to make a buck off people who want to show their affinity for a candidate or their distaste for another.

There is Clinton and Trump toilet paper, bobblehead dolls and T-shirts. Someone is even making cookies that look like the candidates.

In what may be an interesting marker, there are more weird items of Trump available than Clinton.

This may be because his candidacy inspires as many products that deplore him as support him (hence the Trump whoopie cushion).

But having more items in your image doesn’t necessarily mean more value down the road, according to campaign memorabilia expert Jim Warwick, who owns White House Gifts in Washington, D.C. He predicts Hillary Clinton memorabilia will be very popular in the coming years, regardless of the election outcome.

Clinton will have way more long-term value than Trump’s for the very reason of possibly being the first woman, much like the value of Obama’s first campaign,” Warwick told The Huffington Post. “It will truly be an historic event and anything associated with Hillary will be around for many years, and 100 years from now will be one of the most prized of political memorabilia years.”

However, collectors take note: Things like campaign toilet paper, cornhole games and “Trumpy Cat” T-shirts may not be worth breaking the bank.

“They will have no value, except for the Halloween masks,” Warwick added. “Those will be in the Smithsonian collection most likely for future reference to this campaign year.”

Campaign Toilet Paper
Hmmm, if only there was a subtle way I could show people who use my bathroom which candidate I detest most. Something that could cleverly suggest I disapprove of one of the candidates running for president. A common household item turned into a political statement. Well, until that day comes, there's toilet paper featuring the faces of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. (, $7.95 each)
Trump And Clinton Jars Of Horror
It's no coincidence that election season corresponds with Halloween season. Both involve stoking fear and misery in the hearts of people. You can celebrate the horrors of both with these jars that use photos of the candidates and colored water to give the eerie impression that their heads are on your table rather than a silver platter. (, $25 each, $45 for both)
Political Masks
Political masks are always popular around Halloween since most people think the candidates are hiding something. However, anyone who buys these masks of Trump and Clinton may have to deal with the dreaded question no one wants to get: "What are you, anyway?" The Trump mask looks more like Fox Business personality Lou Dobbs, while the Clinton one looks more like Kathleen Sebelius, the former secretary of Health and Human Services. (, $19.99 for Clinton mask, $21.99 for Trump mask)
More Creepy Trump And Hillary Masks
Yes, this mask looks nothing like Donald Trump, but the model is probably holding more money than Trump pays in taxes. The Clinton mask just gives us the (slick) willies. (, $19.99 each)
Really Unflattering Donald Trump Mask
Frankly, this Donald Trump mask is gross, tacky, horrifying ugly and repulsive to look at. Yep, it's a perfect match for the candidate.($29.99,
Trump Clinton Cornhole Games
I know what you're thinking: U.S. elections would be more fun if we voted by tossing bean bags into cornhole boards rather than punching a button or filling in a space on a ballot.Until election officials see the light, you can elect to support your chosen candidate with these campaign-themed cornhole games. Yes, there is a big flaw in the design: You can't toss the bags into Trump or Clinton's mouth.(, $169.99 each)
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Dolls
It's the candidates as you've never seen them before: Cute, with big eyes and tiny bodies. These Funko dolls of Clinton and Trump allow you to show your support with an added benefit: Their lack of mouths (which means you can't hear them talk). (, $12.99)
Trump Sucker
One thing you can say about this Trump sucker: It's YUGE!The Trump Lollipop is an incredibly accurate representation of The Donald's trademark combover -- right down to the bizarre orange color. Hopefully, it's more tasteful than the design of Trump's hotels. (, $7.99)
Cynical Presidential Coin
Presidential candidates try to get out the vote. Their campaigns often bring out the cynics. For those, we have this coin which has the images of Trump and Clinton on each side and the joyful, hopeful message: "We're f*cked either way."(, $4.95)
Trump And Clinton Action Figures
Want to get your kids to be more political when they play with dolls? Get these action figures! Want to scare them away from playing with toys altogether? Get these action figures!The Hillary action figure comes complete with trademark pantsuit and a hairstyle sure to be criticized in a manner that would never happen to a male action figure.The Trump action figure comes complete with removable hair, "deep pockets he's incapable of opening," and an ever-present middle finger. However, the Trump doll won't even be available until after the election -- a time when many Americans hope Trump won't even be around.(, $19.99 each, $34.99 for both -- not shipping until December)
Donald Trump Whoopie Cushion
This functions like a normal whoopie cushion, but it's actually called a Donald Trump Gas Bag, because we're not saying "whoopie" at any aspect of Trump's candidacy. ($9.99,
Trumpy Cat And Clinton Kitty T-shirts
Politics and cats make for strange fellows, but even these feline-oriented T-shirts of Trump and Clinton will "Meow America Great Again."
(, $18.99 each)
Trump Duck
Donald Trump has made a big splash in politics and now this rubber duck can do the same in your bathtub. Hopefully, the Trump duck won't leave the same kind of stain that the candidate has left on the Republican party.(, $7.99)
Clinton And Trump Cookies
You may think it's hard to swallow some of the things the candidates say, but you won't have trouble swallowing these cookies made to look like Trump and Clinton. They aren't completely accurate: the Clinton cookie isn't wearing a pantsuit and the Trump cookie shows signs of being palatable.(HarvardSweetBoutique, $40 per box)
Trump Bobbleheads
Usually, bobblehead dolls have big heads over tiny bodies. The problem with making a Trump bobblehead doll is that no one is as big-headed as "The Donald." No matter what they do, the head will never be bigger than the real Trump's noggin. (, $24.95 each, $39.95 for pair)
Donald Trump Dog Poop Bag
It's hard to tell what holds more crap: Donald Trump or this Trump-themed dog poop bag. Let's call it a draw, but we prefer the bag since we'll be able to get rid of it before November. (, $4.99)
Hillary And Trump Glasses
If this election is driving you to drink, better to guzzle via a campaign-themed glass. (, $15 each, $25 pair)
Trump Coloring Book
Whether you color yourself red or blue, the Trump Coloring Book is a good way to pass the time between inflammatory Trump tweets. One downside: Trump's bizarre skin tone will make you use every shade of orange crayon. (, $9.30)
Trump Socks With Hair Flip
Can't decide whether to flip off Donald Trump or sock him? These socks that come with actual hair on Trump's head (unlike the real Donald) should satisfy both urges. Don't wash your feet before you put them on. (, $30)
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