25 Things Moms Never Say

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I feel so well rested.

Wine? No thanks.

School drop off is so quick and stress free.

I think I'll buy all white furniture.

I have a different bra for every day of the week.

Maternity clothes are strictly for pregnancy.

Do you guys want to join me at Target?

One more bedtime story? How about FIVE more??!

My house is SO clean.

Kids' birthday parties are awesome.

Nahh, let's just skip naptime.

Caillou? I love that little guy.

My car is so clean.

I just don't like yoga pants.

My laundry is all washed, folded and put away.

No, I'll pass on coffee, I don't think I need it.

I only feed my kid healthy well balanced meals.

My boobs are totally they same as they used to be.

I really don't mind the sound of whining.

I have so much free time.

I kind of like changing diapers, you totally get used to the smell.

My home is 100% booger free.

I NEVER compare myself to other moms.

School projects are fun!

I just feel like I have every under control.

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