28 Women In One Mini Cooper Means A New World Record (VIDEO)

RECORD SETTING VIDEO: 28 Women In One Mini Cooper

A group of 28 women were driven to set a new world's record and didn't let anything stop them, least of all the size of the car they chose for their record attempt.

Guinness World Records Day was Nov. 15, and in honor of the day, 28 gymnasts in Sussex, England, attempted to set a world's record for most people stuffed inside a Mini Cooper hatchback.

Organizer Dani Maynard was part of last year's attempt which shoved 27 women into the tiny car and said they learned a lot from that attempt.

"While we have not quite been able to fit any of the girls into the Mini’s glove box, there is a surprising amount of space to utilise," she told the Metro.

To help stretch every participant to their breaking point, Maynard made sure the training regime included extra stretching and hula-hoop relay racing.

It took 10 minutes for all the women to get inside with all doors and windows shut for at least five seconds.

Maynard was naturally pleased with the results.

"I popped 28 women, not quite as easy as it sounds, but I put 28 women in that car to break the world record yet again for Britain," she said, according to KABC-TV.

After the 28 gymnasts packed themselves into the Guinness book for this record, 23 of them went on to set an additional record for Most People Inside A Classic Mini, a car that TopSpeed.com points out is even smaller than the modern Mini.

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28 People: 1 Mini Cooper

28 People; 1 Mini Cooper

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