3-D Floors Are The Coolest, Weirdest Things You Can Put In Your Home

Walking on water is hard. Unless, of course, your 3-D floors make it look like you're walking on water.

From painting ombre staircases to building a pirate ship-inspired bedroom, there are many DIY home projects that we'll probably never do, though we appreciate them tremendously. Our latest obsession? 3-D flooring. And it's just as odd as you think it is.

A Dubai-based design company called Imperial Interiors appears to be taking the lead in designing and constructing the 3-D epoxy floors.

imperial interiors

According to photos on the company's website, their specialities range from underwater scenes (including dolphins) to rose-covered rooms. Apparently, the floors are created by printing out a photo on a special printer and covering it with epoxy and a protective lacquer -- making it extra easy to care for.

Scroll through more crazy 3-D floor photos below and visit Imperial Interior's website for more information.

imperial interiors



imperial interiors

And while this housing trend is a little on the extreme side, there is an easier way to change up the look of your floors by simply painting them. Try adding some shine by spicing things up with a gloss or add a bold stripe to make a statement. If a you'd rather not bust out the paint, skip the mess and add a rug or two to liven up a room.

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