3 Essential Ways to Stay Grounded During Times of Stress

Some signs to know if you're not grounded may include: poor sleep, digestive problems, anxiety, worry and spaciness... just to name a few! If change is a given, how can you feel calm and grounded during times of stress?
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I have moved 6 times in the past 6 years.

While I love adventure and travel, all this change left me feeling ungrounded and desiring a place to finally call home.

After my son was born I was really ready to buy a house and feel settled. Here's a picture of our new home!


Whether you've also moved around a lot, or have lived in the same town your whole life, you have probably faced changes that leave you feeling stressed and uncertain.

Getting married, starting a new job, having a baby, death of a loved one, or even just being very busy can turn our calm lives into upheaval.

Some signs to know if you're not grounded may include: poor sleep, digestive problems, anxiety, worry and spaciness...just to name a few!

If change is a given, how can you feel calm and grounded during times of stress?

Here are 3 things that came to mind:

1. Get in touch with nature.

Our workplace and lives are set up to spend a lot of time wrapped up in the virtual world. The virtual world keeps us more in our heads than our hearts, which can create a lot of anxiety from constantly thinking, creating and being future-oriented. This takes us out of our physical bodies and the present moment. Spending time in nature is the best antidote.

When we're surrounded by fresh air and soil and water and grass we can get in touch with our inner voice. There are a thousand ways to do this, but a few of my favorite include gardening, weeding, going for a walk, riding a bike or even just sitting in the sunshine.

2. Create rituals.

Rituals can help keep you grounded no matter what is going on in your life. Sure, it's easy to feel grounded when you're in your own home, have gotten enough sleep and stick to a schedule. But for the times that you're traveling or going through a life transition, holding onto daily rituals can keep the feelings of peace and calm.

Go within and ask yourself, "what rituals could I incorporate into my day that would feel grounding, calming and fun?" Some examples could include a hot cup of tea in the morning, reading before going to bed, 10 minutes of meditation when you wake up, a daily walk, stretching in the evening, or eating nourishing meals.

One of my rituals is starting out the morning by reading an inspiring quote. That's why I created 365 Days of Inspiration for you free here.

3. Choose 3 priorities.

During times of stress, planning out elaborate goals can feel cumbersome and overwhelming. After having a baby, I decided to simplify the process. My life felt so out of control, I needed an easy way to manage my time and know if I was staying on course.

Choose the top 3 areas that are most important to you during this season of your life. Although you may be tempted to choose more, keep it to just 3 things. Those are your priorities that you can feel good about spending time on. If it falls outside of these priorities, then question if it's really worth it.

Some examples include:

Spending time with your family. Having fun and being present when you're around them.

Devoting time to your work. Creating positive change for others and income for yourself.

Self-care. Anything that includes your well-being such as exercise, diet, sleep hygiene, meditation and relaxation.

When you are calm and grounded, you can make better decisions and trust yourself because your inner voice becomes clear.

You become a more patient mother, lover, friend, and so much more, because you can listen and respond with calm and compassion.

Your life flows with ease and begins to work for you rather than against you.

If you want to create more self-love and happiness in your life, click here to receive a free copy of my digital book.

Love and peaceful living,


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