350 Day Of Climate Action (VIDEO)

350 Day Of Climate Action (VIDEO)

Who knew a data point about carbon emissions could be so sexy? More creative videos keep pouring in related to 350's International Day of Climate Action including this fun and racy video of supermodels stripping (because the planet is too hot!) and to encourage people to contact their representatives about climate legislation. The goal of 350.org is to show the world's leaders that there is a global movement for them to come to an agreement on a carbon emissions treaty at the UN Climate talks in Copenhagen in December. 350.org is named after the number that scientists think is upper level of parts per million of safe carbon dioxide in the atmosphere -- we have already passed this number, making action all the more critical.

Watch the supermodels and other great videos from around the world of people taking action -- 20,000 students chanting in Ethiopia, choreographed dance in Malaysia, and deep sea diving in New Zealand.

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