47 Products That Work So Well, Reviewers Call Them 'Wizardry,' 'Sorcery' Or Just Plain 'Magic'

"This stuff must be made of pixie dust or something," said one reviewer.
Fleece-lined jeggings, a lip repair balm and a 40-ounce BrüMate cup.

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O'Keeffe's Lip Repair, a lip sleeping mask from the brand behind the cult-favorite Working Hands and Healthy Feet
Promising review: "When I travel, my lips get so chapped! It's painful. I found this product when I searched for something for extremely chapped lips. I've used other O'Keeffe's products so I trusted the brand. I used this as directed in the morning and before bed and my lips healed up faster than ever. Also, on the next trip I went on, I took it with me and used it daily. My lips stayed healthy and didn't get chapped at all. This stuff is magic and I won't go anywhere without it now." — Anna C. Adams
The Brumate Era 40-ounce water bottle, because any hydration enthusiast will be blown away by it
I have the Simple Modern one, too, and it's great for being at home and drinking water at the perfect temp. But if you're worried about leaking at all (or prefer a metal-and-silicone combo straw to plastic), the Brumate Era is 100% wizardry, sorcery, and magic. It claims to keep ice frozen for over 24 hours, and I've had cold water stay COLD for ages in this bottle! The tapered base is also cupholder-friendly, and the whole darn thing is dishwasher-safe, too! Let me tell you, this is my new favorite water bottle. I can lock the lid with a quick twist, and throw it sideways in any tote and not even think twice about it leaking at all! And if you've seen some of those videos about hidden mold in certain lids, know that this disassembles incredibly easily, so you can just toss the pieces in the dishwasher.

Promising review: "As a nurse I know we are picky and loyal to brands of pens and water bottles. I’ve had a Stanley, Owala, and a giant hydrojug. This tops them all! I had ice from over 24 hours left! It fits in my car cup holder, the handle is sturdy, the straw breaks down easily for cleaning, and it’s TRULY leakproof! Yeah the straw is exposed but I just wipe it down with little alcohol wipes from work before I drink from it. Those that say the lid is hard to get off, you have to turn the lid to drink mode to unseal the lid and then you can turn it. LOVE THIS!" — Dani
A 3-in-1 foldable magnetic wireless charger perfect for at home or traveling
Check out a TikTok of the foldable 3-in-1 charger in action.

Promising review: "I am a flight attendant and am madly in love with this product! I am all about less weight, less bulk and multi-purpose. So easy to charge all my gadgets with one item. Multi function magic, I love it!!!" — KC
A genius Tineco 2-in-1 cordless vacuum and mop that does both at the same time (gasp)
It also self-propels so you just need to steer, no hard pushing!

Promising review: "I confess I can be a lackadaisical housekeeper, which is problematic, since my new dog sheds enough in a week for me to build an entire new dog. What's worse, vacuuming doesn't pick up a lot of his fur. This Tineco is magic, though. Not only does it pick everything up (dust, fur, hair, crumbs, Nature's Miracle, errant Cheerios), but because the wheels are motorized, vacuuming/mopping is a breeze. I get exhausted using my canister vac, but this thing is a blast to use. Here is what I've learned: I always use the 'extra water' feature, which seems to work better. I clean the dirty water holder and parts every time I empty it, and I run the self-clean cycle after every second emptying session. This means I can do my primary bath and my 10x12 TV room before self cleaning and recharging for a little bit. Or I can do my kitchen and entryway and hall before self cleaning, or my living room. In other words, you're not going to do your whole house on one battery charge or without running the self cleaning feature several times. Of course, the reason you have to run the self cleaning so often is because this little beauty is picking up So. Much. Stuff. It's magic. If it broke tomorrow (and I don't think it will break for a very long time) I would buy another." — Tsippi
A Muller veggie chopper to turn your onion-cutting tears into tears of joy
It comes with the chopper itself, a whopping EIGHT blades (three different size choppers, plus blades for julienning, slicing, grating, and regular and fine shredding), and a cleaning brush.

Promising review: "TikTok made me do it and I couldn’t be happier. This chopper is pure magic in the kitchen! Chopping vegies has never been so fun and effortless! It’s like a culinary extravaganza! Thanks to this little kitchen wizardry, I’m a chopping pro now. TikTok-approved and chef-worthy. Amazing customer support as well. They are fast, super friendly and efficient." — Anonymous
A pair of fleece-lined jeggings for those days you want the look of denim but the comfort of PJs
Promising review: "Don't waist as long as I did to buy these! I have fleece-lined leggings and they’ve saved me so many times commuting in cold weather, but I hesitated on getting jeans that were lined - I just assumed they wouldn’t be comfortable BUT I WAS WRONG. These feel like cozy jammies on the inside and have lots of stretch. Already tested on a very cold windy day and they are magical — no more cold legs all day! I am definitely going to get additional colors. All I can say is: don’t wait — buy them!" — August S Gunderson
Hyalu-Cica Water-Fit Sun Serum, a lightweight SPF 50s+ PA+ sunscreen from Skin1004
It's also reef-safe.

Promising review: "I would call myself a sunscreen enthusiast, I have a bit of a sunscreen collection and have tried so many over the past few years. My skin is pretty dry and I am sometimes prone to breakouts, and I have lightish olive skin, so I do get noticeable white casts with some sunscreens. My eyes are also pretty sensitive and I have had really bad issues with sunscreen near my eyes or getting a bit rubbed into them, and I'm a contacts wearer. All that being said: this sunscreen is simply immaculate. Zero breakouts, zero white cast on me, and zero eye irritation. It's even enough hydration for my dry skin without anything under it and isn't greasy or filmy at all like most other sunscreens. I've spent long days outside without getting even a little bit sunburnt. I use 8 pumps for both my face and neck (I measured out 1/4 teaspoon which is the recommended amount for full coverage) and it rubs in so easily! I have tried other sunscreens since and they simply do not compare. The only other one that comes even close is the roundlabs birch sunscreen, but I occasionally get a bit of eye irritation with that. I don't know what magic they put in this but I am on my fifth bottle and I will use it forever." — Cleo
A sleep-training clock with a sound machine and optional alarm clock built in
Watch this parent share why this sleep trainer is one of their "best parenting hacks" in this TikTok.

Promising review: "Magically helped my 3-year-old go to sleep. I don't know how it works, but since we started using this thing, my three year old no longer throws a fit at bed time. We say "ok, the clock is telling us to sleep now," and she just...goes to bed. It's a total game changer to the crying, screaming meltdowns we had before. She enjoys the noise machine function as well, and though we still have a few wake ups here and there throughout the night, there's way less fuss with them. Then she knows in the morning not to start asking for us to let her out until the clock says "wake up time" by smiling with eyes open. I have no idea why this thing works, but it does. Totally worth the reduced aggravation every night!!!!" — Mimi
A spacious travel-friendly backpack that'll fit under the seat in front of you as the "personal item" you're allowed
This one checks all the boxes: super roomy, has plenty of pockets (including one for shoes and a separate wet bag!), and has a strap that slides down over your luggage handle for easy transport. Reviewers say it meets even Spirit and JetBlue's personal item rules and fits under airplane seats! Check it out on TikTok.

Promising review: "One bag handled a week of travel! This bag is like magic! I fit four pairs of shorts, four shirts, underwear, socks and couple of workout outfits with sports bras, two pairs of sandals, four bathing suits, a coverup, sun hat, toiletries, cosmetics, a laptop, notebook, three device chargers (computer, phone and Fitbit) and an electric toothbrush. Even when packed to the max, the weight is comfortably distributed so it doesn’t break your back. It fits under the seat perfectly, too. I bought it when it a was 50% off but I’d pay full price knowing how awesome this bag is for travel." — AlexanderK
A celestial projector shaped like a lil' astronaut to really complete the vibe
It comes with a remote so you can control it right from bed, and it has auto-shutoff options too if you use this as a nightlight! You can check it out on TikTok here.

Promising review: "This star and universe projector lamp and I love it! It is a great way to create a calming atmosphere in my bedroom. The stars project onto the ceiling and walls, creating a beautiful night sky effect. It is also very easy to use; all I have to do is plug it in and adjust the settings to my preference. The colours are bright and vibrant, combine it with some calm music and it is very relaxing. I highly recommend this star projector lamp to anyone looking to add a little bit of magic to their home." — Ajvan Soufizadeh
Drywall repair putty to help you easily seal up cracks, nail holes or any other damage to your walls
Promising review: "This is so much easier to use than a spackling paste. As soon as I opened it, I tried it on a recent nail hole. Now I can't remember where it was because the product made the hole disappear!!Magic!" — Deb Christenson
A standing weeder, a genius tool using the magical force of leverage to pry up weeds without bending or kneeling
Made with a bamboo handle and powder-coated steel, it uses a simple lever system to made weeding easy.

Promising review: "If you’re like me, you’re wondering if spending $40 on a gardening tool is worth it. My friends, IT IS. I’ve been eyeing this tool for some time now and finally pulled the trigger and I’m beating myself up for not doing it sooner. I have pulled 10 gallons of dandelions out of my yard in about two hours. This is pure magic. It’s actually fun to pull weeds. In the past I would try to rid myself of dandelions with broadleaf spray but it never worked and I wasted my money. This works every time and cuts chemical use! Win win! Just buy it already and thank yourself later!" — Amy
Dawn Powerwash, a borderline magical spray-on dish soap that BLASTS through tough grease and baked-on messes
Just spray on (don't add water until you rinse!) and wipe. I'm not joking when I say that the first time I used Dawn Powerwash on a lasagna pan, I almost cried. I will never be without it!

Promising review: "This spray is legit sorcery. You won't change my mind." — Mutt

Promising review: "This spray is like actual magic; spritz and grease disappears!! I was planning to replace my cooktop ($400+) because I--despite repeated efforts of scrubbing and bleaching--could not get rid of the built-up grease. As a last-ditch effort (based on reviews I read on Amazon), I tried the Dawn Powerwash spray. The baked-on grease melted. I was sincerely amazed; it didn't even take that long! I've now started giving a light spritz to my every greasy pot, pan, and plasticware lunchbox with salad dressing, and am constantly wowed at how this product cuts the oil. I'm a clean freak and massive fan. Try this product...I will be shocked if you don't love it." — Pamela Bennett
A set of internet-famous Mellanni sheets made of a super-soft and moisture-wicking microfiber fabric
Promising review: "I very rarely write reviews, however these sheets are amazing. They shipped in one day! I was so excited after reading all of the great reviews, but was skeptical, because how can something so cheap be so great. Normally I spend over $100 plus on king size sheets. I ordered these in white with four extra pillow cases all for around $50. They wash up so nice. They fit our king size bed so good, it didn't take two people to stretch and pull to put them on. They are so comfortable to sleep on, they stay cool when you sleep, its like magic. I will order more for other rooms in the house. One of the best things I have purchased online, I never purchase these items online because I never know how they will feel. Listen to the reviews on this one!" — Norma
CeraVe Retinol Serum that uses encapsulated retinol to reduce the appearance of scars and pores
Like with any retinol that actually works, just do not use it every day. Start slow and work yourself up if needed, paying attention to your skin.

Promising review: "This product is magic in bottle!!! I have been struggling to find a good skin care routine that will remove my acne scars and remove dark spots on my face. I will forever buy this product! I’ve only been using this for two weeks and noticed a huge difference right away! I am so excited to clean my face in the morning and night now! I also bought the Cerave hydrating cleanser, moisturizer, and eye cream and they have been amazing as well! CeraVe is the best! Don’t think twice about this product just buy it!!!" —mallory brook bravo
A pair of cozy fleece-lined Crocs for anyone who already loves the OG clogs, but hates having cold feet
Promising review: "Magic for your feet! I never thought I’d be a crocs person, but after a year of only wearing slippers during Covid my feet were not doing well. I wanted something soft and warm like a slipper but with arch support and a durable sole. Didn’t realize that was going to be so hard to find… but then… after THESE! There warm enough to run around without socks on spring and fall, but work great with adding socks of all sorts of thickness for the winter. There’s a reason people that spend all of their day on their feet swear by these shoes, I’m starting to understand why." — airmcghie
A pack of adhesive plate hangers to add some more dimension to your gallery wall
Check out the video of one TikToker using this to hang a ceramic piece of art here.

Promising review: "I love these and bought more. These work magically. We've had problems hanging Coke trays in our garage. Double stick tape didn't work nor did a couple of other things we tried. My husband didn't want to drill holes so this was our last resort. I've bought more they work so good!" — J. Swanson
The Pink Stuff, a TikTok- and reviewer-beloved cleaning product that basically works miracles!
How effective? Well it's commonly likened to the Magic Eraser in paste form!

Promising review: "This stuff is some magic sorcery. I’m not usually a fan of traditional cleaning products and tend to opt for natural based cleaners. However, I had some soot over the fire place nothing would take off. Not only did it do a pretty dang good job on that…everything I’ve tried it on has gotten that item super clean with minimal scrubbing effort. Will always have on hand now. Got hard water stains off when CRL wouldn’t even get it clean and made the faucet look brand-new." — Kim Montero
A wad preventer, because balled-up sheets NEVER seem to actually get dry
Just tuck the corners of your flat or fitted sheet into the holes to prevent tangling and twisting aaaand (according to the manufacturer, and backed up by reviewers) improve dry time by up to 75%!

Promising review: "It works. I don’t know how but it works. I only dried one sheet. I’ve yet to dry two sheets at once. I will update. Dried in a quarter of the time too. Update: I dried two sheets at the same time and it works like a charm. Cuts drying time by a third! I recommend." — Keith P.
A rapid mac 'n cheese cooker for those days that you want comfort foods but really don't feel like turning on your stove
Here's how it works: Pour in the macaroni and add enough water to the fill line. Then microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Remove, stir, and microwave two more minutes, then add the other ingredients per the mac 'n cheese instructions. Check out a TikTok of the rapid mac cookerin action. People also use this to rapid cook their ramen!

Promising review: "No clue what makes the magic happen in this thing but it is amazing. Macaroni in under five minutes, ramen in like 3.5. Easy, one dish to clean, fast. I wish I had this in my son’s toddler years in his mac phase." — C. Long
Bio-Oil multiuse skincare oil, the sworn favorite of thousands of people to moisturize skin
Reviewers say it sinks into skin easily and never ever leaves a greasy residue.

Promising review: "What kind of sorcery is this? I used this for the first time last night on some recent acne scars, and I'm in utter shock. They look like they've been healing for weeks.... this stuff must be made of pixie dust or something. It's way too good to be true. From now on, I will be putting this all over my skin before bed every night! I don't even care if it means washing my sheets more often — SO WORTH IT!" — Julia Richardson
A pack of duster sponges, because the Scrub Daddy Damp Duster seems to be constantly sold out
I bought a pack of these recently, and so far love dusting with them! All the dust sticks right on, so you don't end up breathing in all the dust you just tried removing. It's great for baseboards, too!

Promising review: "I rarely review products, but this little sponge literally changed my life! It picks up EVERYthing in one swipe! Hard water marks on your bathroom mirror, no problem! Hair clippings on your sink and counter, one swipe and they are gone! Dusty blinds? Swoosh, swoosh, swipe! And ala-presto ka-bam, like magic they are perfect and dust free! I just need one of these for my floors! I love, love, love how the sponge picks up everything and with a little running water, all the dust, hair, muck and guck just rinsed away! This will not disappoint! Thank you!" — DayDreamer
Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, a cult-favorite you're going to want to slather all over your body
Caffeine has a number of skincare benefits, including brightening and temporarily reducing the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, if that's something you're looking to do! You can read more about the skincare benefits of caffeine at the Cleveland Clinic.

Promising review: "This stuff is magic, I’ve tried a lot of products and this one works the best out of everything I’ve tried. I love the scent, sol de jeneiro makes a body spray of it and I get lots of compliments every time I wear it." — Stephanie Hooper

Promising review: "Where has this been all my life? I have been using this for maybe three days now, and putting it on in the morning and evening are the best parts of my day. The description of the scent as "pistachio, salted caramel, and vanilla" does not even begin to describe the incredibly decadent smell of this cream on my skin. My skin feels like velvet and I saw improvements in the texture after the first application. I will use it for the rest of my life. Do not ever discontinue this! I did not expect to be so amazed my this cream, but it is life-changing. Buy it! You won't regret it." — Michelle Brown
Cosrx’s snail mucin repairing essence that is totally worth adding to your routine
I loooove this essence for whenever I need an added boost of hydration. It absorbs into the skin beautifully!

Promising review: "Game changer. I don't know what kind of sorcery this is but it has literally changed my skin!! First time I used it, my skin felt tighter and more balanced. A week later 2x a day, my skin is so much brighter. Better texture and even coloring. Pores seem tighter. Not a single pimple since. It looks so healthy. Whatever magic this is, it works better than any expensive designer skin lab crap that I've tried." — Np
Emma Lord/BuzzFeed
A manual flossing toothbrush with extra soft bristles in two layers that are super thin at the tip
Here's what BuzzFeed Shopping writer Emma Lord has to say: "I personally bought this a few months ago and love it! I use an electric toothbrush usually, but I feel like I'm getting a much more satisfying clean from these, especially because I tend to get yellow stains between my teeth no matter how much I floss, and these bristles seem to actually target that a lot more effectively. I've switched to using this in the morning and the electric one at night and definitely see a difference in that area in particular."

Promising review: "I hate flossing because I have sensitive gums (genetic periodontal issues). This toothbrush is magic. Brush slower, and with intention, and your mouth will feel as clean as it does when you leave the dentist." — C & A D

Promising review: "This was another one of my TikTok purchases! I was skeptical but my kids hate flossing their teeth so thought this might help in between making them floss. They work amazing! My kids said they could see and feel a different on the first use and I agree! They are definitely with a try! I would suggest not pushing too hard, those tiny bristles really get in there and if you push too hard you nights be sore like I was. It felt like after going to a dental cleaning." — Amy N.
A pair of seamless Nippies silicone pasties for wardrobe dilemmas that can't be solved with your current bras
Promising review: "I’ve tried so many nipple covers over the years and these are just in a league of their own! They stick and don’t move (sweat, clothes, moisturizer etc — nothing budges them) but then they also peel off so easily. It’s magic. They are completely seamless and my husband (without prompting) said they looked like a second skin on. I’ve got quite “triangular” boobs and they completely mold to the shape and look like I just have no nipples lol. Only when I’m suuuuuper cold do any level of nipple start to show through and even then it’s minimal. They’re more pricey than others I’ve bought before but so worth it. The others were one and done — these have held up through multiple wears and are still in perfect condition. Will repurchase as soon as they wear out without a doubt! No more bras!" — Alison
Londontown's illuminating nail concealer, a sheer but buildable formula
Promising review: "See the photo for proof! This is one coat, slapped on, no basecoat. And my nails are on the yellow side with a fair amount of ridges. It goes on easy, dries fast, covers imperfections, and hides ridges. Two coats looks like I went to a salon. Lasts weeks, and I am tough on polish. This is the pink, I am going to try the other colors. This polish is worth every penny and now I can go to meetings and look put together despite my habit of pulling weeds bare handed :)" — CarissaKJ
A hydrocolloid nose patch (from pimple patch fan-fave brand Mighty Patch) that targets your whole nose all at once
Promising review: "Sorcery! Wow, I don't know how these things work but they are incredible. I have been fighting congested nose pores my entire life, with varying success. This is the first time everything just came out. No scrubbing, harsh chemicals and poking. I am in love!" — IHateCleaning
Amanda Davis / BuzzFeed
A boot and shoe stretching spray, because breaking in those new boots can be a chore and lead to blisters
BuzzFeed Shopping Editor Amanda Davis says: "So, I have about three pairs of shoes that have just been sitting in my closet because while they are sooo so cute, the leather was too tight for my foot to comfortably get inside 'em. Did I return them? Nope. (We all know the hassle of online returns, right?) Instead I bought this shoe stretch spray on a whim. I didn't expect much but WOW! The shoes that took me a minute of struggling to get into fit perfectly now!! The process was as simple as could be, too. I just sprayed my shoes (inside and out, heel to toe) like there was no tomorrow, I put on some semi-thick socks (just to ensure I had ample room later), and wore the shoes around my house for about 30–40 minutes. As I was walking around, I could literally feel them begin to loosen up. After about 30 minutes, I took my shoes and thick socks off, and the shoes just slide on. Easy Peasy. Now I have a new favorite pair of shoes and zero dollars have been wasted. I tried these with a pair of chunky leather loafers, but I can only imagine what they'll do for my pair of Doc Martens — the boots known to take a while to break into. This stuff is a must!"

Promising review: "Straight up sorcery!This stuff is magic and makes new shoes way more comfortable and fit like a glove! I will definitely order more in the future. This is my new secret weapon." — RockabillyKim
An automatic makeup brush cleaner with a textured silicone bowl to really get those foundation-caked brushes cleaner than ever
Check out the brush cleaner in action on TikTok.

Promising review: " This is a must!!! I absolutely love it. It cleans all make up brushes pretty good. I added few drops of baby shampoo & hot water… it’s amazing how this little magic bowl washes all the dirt away! I strongly recommend it! Get it girl!" — Mariela

Promising review: "I used to wash my brushes by hand. It took forever because I have nearly 200 makeup brushes. This brush cleaner is a game changer. To use, put some water and a very little dish soap in it, turn it on, and put your brush in. The cleaner has nubs that scrub your brush. I quickly rinse the soap out under running water. My brushes are so much cleaner now. The task is relaxing instead of a chore." — TaleSpinner
A set of Lilac St. false lash segments that last for up to 10 days
I've worn these lashes, and I'm never going back to strip lashes again! These look much more natural, are easy to apply and don't budge until removed!

Promising review: "At home lash magic! I’ve been wearing this brand for a year now, I don’t know what I did before. They are perfection, I use their extra strength lash glue and I can easily get 10-14 days out of a set. I also use sizes 10mm-16mm for a beautiful natural look and I get so many compliments. OFTEN people think I get professional lash extensions!!! If they ever went out of business I’d be so lost without them!! Just do it already treat yourself. Ps Give yourself so time to adjust to this method before deciding if you like it. Watch some videos to figure out how to put them on. It’s worth it I promise." — Stephanie R.
FryAway, a plant-based solidifying powder capable of turning leftover cooking oil in to an easily disposed-of solid
Just sprinkle a packet of the power into your hot oil, wait for it to cool down and toss! FryAway is available in three sizes: Pan Fry (which comes with four packets each capable of solidifying two cups of oil each), Deep Fry (which comes with two packets, each capable of solidifying eight cups of oil each), and Super Fry (which comes in a bag you can scoop for any size need).

Promising review: "What kind of sorcery is this? I really had little expectations of this product. I figured it was gonna be maybe half happy with this but holy animal cracker this thing really worked. I don’t have to have the awkward bottles all over with the old oil anymore and it was so easy to get rid of. I’m still just stunned it worked. Beyond happy with this product." — Nichole Reader
A foaming carpet shampoo people love to use on their car interiors
It's citrus-scented, so after it FOAMS AWAY deep-set stains, you'll be left with a refreshing scent instead of "old McDonald's fries."

Promising review: "Sorcery. The old possible explanation. I would’ve been happy if this stuff worked half as well as the reviews made it seem. But holy cow, this fabric cleaner is ~ i n c r e d i b l e ~. I bought a '93 jeep recently and the inside was pretty gross (check out the photos). The fabric upholstery looked like someone’s Pepsi had exploded everywhere, with dark drippy stains and spots all over the seats. After using this cleaner with a drillbrush, these seats looks amazing! It takes some work to really get in there and work a lather, but hooboy is it worth it. Check out the before and after photos! I’m so pumped. This stuff is great! Definitely a lifelong customer now." — S. Wheeler
An ergonomically designed detangling brush with cone-shaped bristles that separate tangles
Promising review: ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS OOOOMMMMGGG!!! I was skeptical at first, but given the reviews I figured I’d give it a try. I’m African American and have curly, kinky, coils... in between the realm of type 3/4 idk to be honest. All I know, is that when I went to detangle my fro after a long day, this brush easily slid through. I had to double take! I didn’t have to pretangle with a wide tooth comb I just dove right in. My hair is THICK! After each stroke I kept looking at the brush like, “what type of sorcery is this!? And to top it off ZERO BREAKAGE!!! Buy this brush!!!!!" — Amazon customer
A handy dandy car seat buckle release tool (that was featured on "Shark Tank"!) so you can easily unlatch your kid's car seat buckle with a little extra leverage
Promising review: "I saw this product on 'SHARK TANK'. It proved to be a great investment for the Shark and an invaluable tool for me. I am 80 years old and reasonably healthy. Often, I would not take my small grand kids in my car because I could not release their child seats buckles without a bystander's help. Now, with this magic tool, I can UNBUCKLE their seats easily. Thank you." — Amazon customer
A bottle of professional-grade callus-removing gel that can dissolve that pesky, hard dead skin in just a few minutes
Promising review: "Best product I've ever got from Amazon. This thing is really what everyone said it is: MAGIC. I cannot believe after one use the results of my callouses just years and years of pain shaved down without any surgical treatment! WOW! I seriously have no words if I can give this product 1Mil stars I would. If you’re someone who’s had horrible calloused feet for years PLEASE BUY THIS!" — jess
The Chom Chom, a pet hair–removing roller with a patented brush design (and no adhesive strips) to rid your lovely sofa of all your furry friend's shedding
Promising review: "The best day of my life was the day I adopted my cat. The second best day of my life was when I discovered this product. I never write reviews, but for the first time in my life I felt compelled to write one to share how fantastic this product is. It’s the age old story: girl adopts cat, cat sheds like a maniac, everything girl owns is now covered cat hair, girl tries everything but is unsuccessful, blah blah blah. But this pet hair remover/lint roller contains some type of wizardry that has seriously changed the game. Chefs kiss to the creators of this product. Y’all are doing G-d’s work." — SB
And a self-cleaning grooming brush to easily and effectively remove excess hair from your pet
Lots of reviewers say pets love being brushed by it, too!

Promising review: "A dog brush that I don't have to pick dog hair out of ... At first I thought this was some form of dark wizardry. But I don't care because this is awesome!" —MaddSweet

Promising review: "I've spent hundreds of dollars on toys, treats, houses, scratchers, etc for my cats. This is hands down not even close, the best money I've ever spent! I got so much fur off them, and they loved it! They are looking so sleek and shiny, and they are rolling around like kittens they feel so fresh and happy. My cats are still young (all ages 4 and under) so they were pretty well groomed to begin with. I couldn't believe how many knots and snags were hiding in their fur. The whole time I was brushing them, they were purring and rubbing all over me trying to get more. The self cleaning feature is so easy!! A click of a button and all the hair falls off. The brush itself is bigger than what I anticipated. I thought my cats would be afraid of it but once they figured out what was happening, they weren't at all. I got the original brush which I thought would probably feel good (like a good back scratch!) And I was right. They loved it." — Samantha
A Scrub Daddy sponge, because it is one of the all time greatest "Shark Tank" hits for a reason
If you don't know what makes a Scrub Daddy different from other sponges, let me tell ya: It's firm in cold water (for tougher messes) but soft in warm water (for lighter cleaning). The scratch-free material is safe on tons of surfaces: glass, stainless steel, cast iron, nonstick, chrome, copper, etc. And if you thought the face was just a gimmick, think twice — the eye and smile holes are great for quickly cleaning large and small utensils!

Promising review: "These Scrub Daddies are the best thing to happen to sponges since the first person looked at a live sponge and said, "I bet I could make one of those without killing a living sponge." They don't smell! They clean like wizardry. And they last and last and last! I ordered these the first time at my apartment, and I've ordered them again for vacation. Helpful tip: Great for cleaning knives. This may give you a shudder, but I just stick the knife into the Scrub Daddy's mouth and pull it out...like licking the cake batter off the knife, but never getting cut! Scrub Daddies are INVINCIBLE and AWESOME!" — J. Bogdanove
A satin pillowcase from Bedsure to help maintain hair and skin health even as you sleep
This is my go-to satin pillowcase. I have two Slip pillowcases, and several of these, and actually the Bedsure ones wash up much nicer and retain an incredibly silky smooth feel after dozens of trips through the laundry. They're the only ones I'll buy going forward, and I recommended them to my mom and now she's in love with them too!

Promsing review: "I was skeptical that these wouldn't work as well as silk pillowcase because the price was so low. But, game changer, seriously. Not sure what kind of sorcery in built into this, but it stays cool all night, my hair hasn’t been a wreck when I wake up. Get this!" — Susie F.

Promising review: "I bought these cases to match a new sheet set. I previously had bought much more expensive brands to match other sheets but I love the Bedsure brand of products and wanted to try these out. Arguably, they’re softer than my more expensive ones! They did arrive very wrinkled but a quick wash and dry and they’re shiny and wrinkle free. I like the envelope closure a lot more than competing brands zip closure. Highly recommend!" — Hannah Watkins
A pair of Bambody period undies with a protective leakproof layer and a moisture-wicking bamboo fabric to keep you dry and comfortable
The leakproof layer is PFA-free also — learn more about that testing here.

Promising review: "These feel like expensive Lulu yoga leggings. So airy and smooth but also great quality. I’m a Mom of two with endometriosis and I thought there was no wayyy! I don’t know what kind of magic they are using but no blood at all! No wetness?! People got annoyed with my cycle long freedom celebration. Literally life changing! I felt like I was getting away with some crime wearing these plus hsa/fsa eligible! Get the highest absorption kind (that’s what I bought). I wore them with leggings and they were invisible on the outside." — Heidi Wood
Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré, a fan-favorite French moisturizer that you could stock up on during your next trip to Paris... or just order straight from Amazon
Promising review: "I dunno what kind of sorcery this is, but it's a godsend. I have combination skin that tends to lean towards dry, and it's incredibly moisturizing — I've been using this product for nearly two years now, and as long as I use it regularly I do not have any flaking. It's also helped with some of my wrinkles and with the crinkling on my eyelids! It's non-greasy and has a pleasantly floral scent that is not perfume-y, overpowering, or lingering. I can attest that it's helped with signs of aging in combination with my use of facial serums and sunscreen. AND it does not irritate my extremely sensitive and extremely Irish skin one bit, which is honestly a miracle. It's costly, but a tiny bit goes a long way. One tube lasts me several months! MAGIC." — Kay
A garlic press that has a built-in spring-loaded scraper
Promising review: "Omg! This thing is awesome! It’s so fast at pressing garlic. It gets way more garlic out then my other one I have to peel the cloves to use. It scrapes it so no more knife to scrape it, and it just flicks out like a dream. It’s super heavy duty, I have the metal one with the red scraper. The scraper and flicker are plastic, but seem sturdy. It really is ingenious. It’s expensive but if you double all garlic in recipes like we do you will love it!" — Barbara Cox
An exfoliating mitten so you can scrub off dead skin cells and reveal softer, smoother skin
Several reviewers say they just throw theirs right in the washing machine to clean it! They also make a smaller one designed for the bikini area and a long, narrow back scrubber for hard-to-reach areas.

Promising review: "BEST PURCHASE OF MY LIFE. I’m SO excited about these mitts. I have KP on my arms and legs, so exfoliating is extra important for me. I also tend to need to exfoliate more often than the average person, but I never feel like any scrub or brush does enough. These are PERFECT. I followed all of the instructions and the dead skin was just rolling right off, and it felt so nice! I swear this is the cleanest I’ve felt in my entire life, and after only one use my skin is more glowy and smooth than it’s been in years. I don’t think I can live without these now." — bun

Promising review: "MAGIC. HOLY CRAP I LOVE THIS MIT! This cleared up 80% of the “chicken skin” I have INSTANTLY after one use. Also it took off way more dead skin than any scrub I’ve ever used. I never write reviews so I had to when I got this and loved it." — Cheyanne
A no-scrub, no-wipe Wet & Forget cleaner so you can keep your shower clean and mildew-free by spraying just once a week
Best invention ever? Possibly.

Promising review: "100% sure this is sorcery because it works so well. This product is magic! I just did my first use and it cleaned out so much gunk out of my shower I didn’t even know was there! (Photo of my grout half sprayed for proof) It was quick, it was easy, and now my whole bathroom smells like a vanilla cup cake! I am VERY satisfied with this product." — Amazon customer
A set of breathable seamless thongs that over 10,000 5-star reviewers (including those who "never wear" thongs and "hate" thongs)
Promising review: "After trying these, the pursuit for the most seamless underwear ended with these, and I came to write that on my way to buy a second pack. I worked at VS for three years what seems like forever ago, and tried every “seamless” thong under the sun- at the store and otherwise- all of which rolled, were still visible or the liner was not cotton which just feels gross by the end of a workout or the end of the day. These aren’t that. They DISAPPEAR under all of of the workout attire. Anti-camel toe… HELLO?!?! They don’t hold sweat. They don’t roll. They don’t move around. I just had my fourth baby and first c-section a couple months back, and these are wide enough in the front. What is this panty sorcery? I threw out everything else from anywhere else. Follow the size guide. I washed in warm water upon arrival, even with the red in the pack and none of the colors bled. I’ve washed 2x and they look the same as when I first opened the box. They’re wildly comfortable for a thong, from someone who despises every thong and even other styles of underwear I’ve ever tried. Picky lady problems, the list went on. Always something wrong about them on my body. NOT THESE! What!?!! I work out in these, run errands, housework ahhhh- they’re my new go-to that I ditched everything else. Comfy, sexy, stretchy, actually so seamless that they don’t exist under clothing, and a fantastic deal… It’s sorcery, I’m convinced." — Ebony
An exfoliating First Aid Beauty Bump eraser body scrub reviewers with keratosis pilaris swear by to get rid of those tiny red bumps
It contains 10% glycolic and lactic acids, and has tiny pumice exfoliants to buff away dead skin for smooooooooooth arms.

Promising review: "The first aid beauty bump eraser is truly magic. I have had tiny, dry-skin bumps on my arms and thighs since I was a child and have never been able to get rid of them. I have tried so many scrubs and moisturizers that failed. I came across this product and its now on my subscribe and save list. There are TONS of exfoliants in the scrub so it's super effective. Skin feels so soft after using it because it gets ALL of the dry and dead skin cells completely off. I have bought this for friends as a gift and would highly recommend it to anyone." — Doug Kohlenstein

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