50 Stunning Mobile Facts And Statistics [Slide Deck]

50 Stunning Mobile Facts And Statistics [Slide Deck]
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In October I developed a presentation of 50 technology mega trends - mobile, social, cloud, big data and apps - statistics that will affect every business. With more than a quarter of a million views of the presentation, and the incredible number of engagements across my social networks, I recognized an opportunity to take a deeper dive look into each of these 5 trends, starting with mobility.

The mobile revolution is unlike any other technology in terms of pace of innovation and adoption. It took 39 years for the telephone to reach 40% U.S. household consumption, but only 10 years for smartphones to reach the same consumption level. Two incredible charts in a recent post written by Rita McGrath demonstrate the stunning adoption of mobile technologies in U.S. households. Gartner says smartphone sales are now 55% of overall mobile phone sales in third quarter of 2013 and that by 2017, the smartphone will be smarter than you - now that's incredible.

The past, present and future of mobile innovation is captured in this slideshare. Today, digital savvy business executives are adopting a mobile first strategy. Perhaps tomorrow. it will be mobile only - think about wearable computing like Google's Glass or Apple's iWatch. Time will tell (sooner than any one of us may imagine).

This post was co-authored by Ali Kafel, director of marketing at Extreme Networks.

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