7 Wondrous Women: This Week In Daily Giving

High-achieving women attract far more public criticism than their high-achieving male counterparts. Women are victims of sexual assault 91% of the time. Women are often the hot topic of magazine articles telling them how to live their life. With the common challenges that women face, they can be their own best support. This week we are ecstatic that all of our seven grants are spearheaded or co-facilitated by a woman. At The Pollination Project we are grateful to be able to provide seed grants, from the corners of East Africa to the coasts of the United States to help grantees gets their ideas off the ground.

Please help us in congratulating our seven latest grantees ready to change the world!

Sylvia Namukasa, Construction of a Plastic Bottle House at Community Centre, Bukomansimbi, Uganda. Plastic bottles are reused to construct a one of a kind home.


Leigh Davis, Vigil, Clermont, New York, USA. An auditory installation explores the power of loss and remembrance to examine ways which death can endorse community bonds.

Jarkyn Shadymanova and Sharipa Mamytova, Save the Rural Women in Kyrgyzstan from Unregistered Marriages, Djalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan. Alarming rates of bride kidnapping lead to a community awareness project.

Timothy Ray Tipton and Julie Tipton, The Animal Rescue of Western North Carolina, Asheville, North Carolina, USA. Twenty-three counties are provided programming on fostering animals, welfare education and birth control options.

Chelsey Everest, The Writing Sangha, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. A community workshop for college going women allows for meditative writing and reflection on pressing social issues.


Judith Nabwire Were, Micro Business Development Through Vocational Training, Lunhanyiro, Kenya. Rural, unemployed girls are taught tangible, vocational skills in tailoring, craftwork and entrepreneurship to become empowered to live a life free of poverty.

Jane Frances Ngoinsay Mufua, Combating Trafficking of Young Girls through Awareness Raising, Fundong, Cameroon. Community outreach sensitization programs raise awareness on the negative effects of violence against women.

Do you or someone you know have a project in mind to help bring justice to all things across the globe? We accept grant applications every day of the year! We are humbled to learn about others' visions and what they are doing to spread peace and sustainability... One seed grant at a time.

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