A Breath Of Fresh, British Air

I don't often write about good dates. Let's be honest, the crappy ones are far more entertaining to read about than the ones that go well. Also, the sad state of reality is that there are for more bad ones than there are good. But every now and again, a date surprises me, coming out of nowhere to restore my faith that there are people out there whom I just might get along with.

A few weeks ago, a date cancelled last minute and I had a few hours to kill before my evening dinner plans. I got on one of my trusty dating sites and matched with a handsome guy. Puling up his profile, I saw his location as "London". Well great I thought to myself, that's not all that helpful. Seeing a chance to be my usual cheeky self, I wrote 'shame you live in London', to which he replied, 'shame you just matched with me--I've been visiting for a month and leave tomorrow. But what are you doing today?'. I replied 'Don't laugh but I'm going to see Ghostbusters'. Him: Great, when and where. I'll meet you.'

Right off the bat, I dug his forthrightness. How often do we spend weeks (or months!) chatting with a prospective date, postponing an actual meeting so frequently that we often end up not getting together at all? I appreciated his grabbing the metaphorical bull by the horns, so we made a plan and agreed to meet that afternoon. It was a horrifically hot day--somewhere in the nineties so I slowly made my way to the theater hoping to keep myself looking as fresh as is possible in this sweat inducing weather. I got there a few minutes early and awaited his arrival.

Shortly thereafter, in walks a man who in a rare but splendid feat, looked even better than his pictures. Giving him a once over, I briefly wondered if he was an American living in England or a true Brit. Then he opened his mouth and began speaking in that British accent we American women find so irresistible. Well I thought, this is already shaping up to be a better afternoon than anticipated. In to the theater we went.

I'm a big nerd and take pleasure in going to the movies alone but, there's also something deeply satisfying about attending with a significant other. Removing the armrest so as to cuddle up next to one another, holding hands throughout (or having said hands wander a bit in the dark of the theater). All of this made attending a movie with a complete stranger that much more of a novelty. Sitting so close to someone you barely know, inhaling their scent (and yes, he smelled great), experiencing their sense of humor based on what they laugh at (I was pleased to observe him laughing at the same very same poop jokes and juvenile humor as I did). It all made for an exhilarating movie experience.

Well, two hours of Chris Hemsworth's hunky self later (and we musn't forget the incomparable Mrs. Wigg and McCarthy) and my date with the stranger was coming to a close. We both had pressing plans so had to depart without so much as a coffee but we hugged, exchanged information and said we'd stay in touch. In spite of how little I knew about him, as I boarded the train, I was filled with the giddy delight that descends after a fun first date. I couldn't quite place my finger on what it was that set this guy apart (accent aside of course) but it was nice to feel excited about something--and someone--for the first time in a long while.

It's of course a shame that he lives on the complete opposite side of the world and maybe we'll stay in touch or maybe we wont. But either way, it was a much needed pick me up in this bear of a summer. So handsome British man, thank you.