ABC News Reopens Beirut Bureau

ABC News announced on Wednesday that the network would reopen its Beirut bureau. The announcement came as the Obama administration considered taking military action in response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria, though the network said the timing was coincidental.

The Beirut bureau was opened in Lebanon by Peter Jennings in 1968. Terry Moran, who left his longtime hosting gig at "Nightline" to become the network's chief foreign correspondent and news anchor based in London, will report from the Beirut bureau on the growing tension in the region beginning on Wednesday. It will be Moran's first assignment since taking on the new role, which the network announced in June.

The Beirut bureau is ABC News' second in the region as the network has had a longstanding presence in Jerusalem. Alexander Marquardt who covers the region for ABC News will be based out of the Beirut bureau.

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