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Shootings at the Holocaust Museum -- The Politics of Hate

We are living in a world of hurt, domestic unrest and a country bled dry financially and morally. When will it stop?
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Hate is out of control in the post Bush years. First we have Mr. Looney Tunes shooting and assassinating abortion doctor, George Tiller two weeks ago and continuing to sound his message of hate over the television airwaves. Now, we get notice of a shooting at the Holocaust Museum in DC, but what do we think he was there to do? It sure wasn't to go the exhibits. Admittedly, we don't know yet as to the cause of the rifleman in the Holocaust Museum.

The point is these atrocious actions are the result of the politics of hate. Words spoken in the world of 24/7 news do have an impact. They result in deliberate actions as is evidenced by the recent atrocities. Wonder of wonders, the suspected murderer of Dr. Tiller has reached his personal Nirvana. He has climbed from relative obscurity in Kansas to an international pulpit viewed daily on the news. The absurdity is profound.

The Bush years are the gift that keeps on giving. They were masters of the message deeply infiltrating the culture with seeds of fear and hate. Thank you very much Karl Rove and your minions. These guys and gals were taught how to harness the airwaves of television and the Internet. They became the titans of manipulation showering divisive messages, and the work was extraordinary. They were more skillful then Madison Avenue. Maybe Microsoft should hire you to merchandise their new search engine, Bing!

Every major issue facing this country has been tarnished by their polarizing messaging -- whether it is climate crisis legislation, nuclear proliferation, Mid East peace, stem cell research and treatment, women's reproductive rights, health care reform, or gay marriage. These issues have been infused with emotion, partisan affiliations and religiosity. Yet here we are late for the train with a well oiled message machine, a weary populace, and a greedy media willing to sell their mothers for a story.

Today, an elderly suspected white supremacist walks into the Museum of the Holocaust with a gun and a car filled with explosives with intent to do harm. We are living in a world of hurt, domestic unrest and a country bled dry financially and morally. When will it stop?

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