Adam Lambert Spurs Charity:Water Giving, Breaks Donation Record

American Philanthropy Idol: Adam Lambert Spurs Record-Breaking Charity:Water Donations

Adam Lambert hit the million-album sales mark last year and has broken records with concert attendance. But now he can add another meaningful milestone to his list of accomplishments.

He set a record on his birthday last month by raising $260,000 for charity:water, which brings safe drinking water into developing nations. He had originally asked fans to donate $29,000 in honor of his 29th birthday, a goal they helped reach within hours, reports

He upped the donation call to $290,000 and tweeted to his 850,000 followers a couple days later:

"Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes and parties!!! And- We've reached 260k for Charity:Water!!! Amaaaaaaazing!"

Other celebrities who have taken on charity:water campaigns include Alyssa Milano who raised $38,000 on her 38th birthday, and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, who raised almost $109,000, according to Tonic.

$20 is enough to give one person clean drinking water. Click below to donate to charity:water or to set up your own campaign.

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