Wanted: One Forever Family

This is an ongoing series profiling some of the 107,000 children living in foster care who are eligible for adoption. The videos are produced by the Childrens Action Network. You can learn more about these and other kids at childrensactionnetwork.org.

Wanted: One Forever Family for:

Three great kids. Siblings. Two girls and a boy. Fun. Friendly. Open.

Odalyz is 11. She's full of light. She's smart and quick and easy to talk to. She's strong. She looks out for her sister and brother. She's pretty and wants to be an actress and fashion designer.

Zamantha is 9. She's sweet and shy. She loves princesses. She likes arts and crafts, and loves animals. She adores her older sister.

Angel is 5. He's a ball of energy, smart and funny. He loves to run and jump and play. He loves to go to the beach. He loves his sisters.

I met them on a great day, because they were together. They're a team. I thought of my kids who have tons of friends but love each other best of all, and always did.

Most days Odalyz, Zamantha and Angel are not together. They are in separate foster homes. They need to be adopted. They need a family to live with and be a part of. Forever. That's all they need.

To learn more about foster care adoption visit ChildrensActionNetwork.org or call 800-525-6789.