Adrain Chesser, Photographer Who Shot Reactions To HIV Diagnosis, Discusses Project

Photographer Adrian Chesser joined HuffPost Live this week to discuss "I have something to tell you," his powerful photo series capturing his friends and family at the moment he revealed he was HIV positive.

The Florida-born Chesser said the project came to him at "an epiphany moment," as he was feeling anxious about revealing the diagnosis to his loved ones.

"When I had to think about telling my friends and family, I would have this really extreme emotional reaction, that would be like this very visceral reaction," he said. "[It was] really based in fear of abandonment from my childhood."

Eventually, he decided to "create a ritual around the telling," noting that he hoped to "possibly transform this fear of abandonment from my childhood into something else as an adult."

He concluded, "It was an attempt to heal myself."

Last month, Chesser told The Huffington Post that, years later, he's actually healthier now than he's ever been, and the photography project might have something to do with it.

"Of course it’s not all due to my emotional state but it is a huge part of it," he said.

View a selection of Chesser's photos below:



'I have something to tell you...'