Afghan Children Killed In US-Led Raid Appear On New Video (WATCH)

The Associated Press reports that two videos have surfaced which feature the aftermath of the botched US-led airstrikes in early August that, according to the UN, killed at least 90 Afghan civilians. The bodies of at least 10 children, and more adults, can be seen on the videos. Watch footage of one of the videos below.

One video, obtained by The Associated Press on Monday and apparently taken by a cell phone, is grainy and details such as a precise body count are difficult to make out. But it appears that several dozen bodies, all covered by blankets, are lined up one next to another in a mosque.

Wailing Afghan women and men occasionally lift the blankets to show dead children or the disfigured faces of men.

A second video shows three young children wrapped in white shrouds. A fourth child has gruesome head wounds. In total, the bodies of at least 10 children can be seen.

The two videos, both obtained by The Associated Press, give weight to Afghan and U.N. findings that scores of civilians, including 60 children and 15 women, died in the Aug. 22 U.S.-led raid in the village of Azizabad. U.S. special forces and Afghan commandos carried out the operation

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